Bee Keeping and Clinic Attendance Fiji 2013

Another great day. We saw 559 patients, possibly a record for all of our outreaches in a single day. 102 individuals accepted Christ. Our dentist extracted teeth from 50 people. We gave out 129 pairs of glasses, exhausting our supplies, and our doctor treated 96 patients.

Our memorandum of understanding with the various agencies and individuals working with us in the bee-keeping and agricultural projects is almost finished. This has been quite an undertaking to achieve unity among us all as regards a number of complicated issues regarding ownership of assets, training expectations, production requirements, etc. This is to build a healthy bee-keeping and agricultural base that will provide nutritional food choices to the people of the rural areas, jobs that will employ especially women and youth, and all within a structure that encourages discipleship and spiritual growth. All parties will sign the memorandum tomorrow afternoon.

Our beekeepers extracted honey from all of the hives in our project and moved almost half of the hives to their new location at the vocational school in Lome Wai village. The reconditioned sewing machines we bought will be delivered to the school tomorrow. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for all these components to begin to come online soon.

Tomorrow we set up our clinic in Korokula Village where we are staying.

Please continue to pray for us as we finish up our outreach.

Thanks and Blessings!