The Final Day of the Outreach

Today, the last day of the outreach, we were in the village of Koroula, our host village. These people have been so incredible! But that’s the norm here in Fiji. We treated 90 patients, which does not include the 40 who got glasses from us two nights ago. Of those 90, 81 were dental patients from whom Tom extracted teeth. Our doctor saw 40 people. We gave away another 15 pairs of glasses. Twenty accepted Christ.

First thing in the morning our beekeepers extracted two buckets of honey from the supers (top hive boxes) they brought over the previous evening when they moved the first group of hives to the high school that is now the center of our beekeeping/agriculture component. So we have extracted a total of 7 buckets of honey. We don’t have a scale, so don’t know how many pounds that amounts to. But it is a tremendous harvest from hives that have not been adequately maintained over the last 12 months.

Tonight after supper our beekeepers went out to move the last of the hives from the villages to the school. One of the trucks broke down before the first village hives could be moved. So the team went to the second village to move the eight hives from there. We need an adequate plan to get the other hives moved over as soon as possible. Please be in prayer about that.

This was international anti-drug, anti-child abuse day. I was assigned to address the entire 350 members of the student body and the staff on those issues. I emphasized that it is not enough to say “No” to anything. You must be saying “Yes” to something you truly value–life. I told them my own life story dealing with an alcoholic father and poverty. I received a number of favorable comments regarding what I had to share.

In total, we treated 1079 individuals. Our dentist extracted teeth from 241 people, many with multiple extractions. Our doctor saw 248. We gave out 391 pairs of reading glasses. 216 individuals accepted Christ. This has been an awesome outreach.

Tomorrow we take a day of rest. Sunday we head to the Yasawa Islands to take 8 wheelchairs to folks that need them. That will be very rewarding.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers. We have had some relatively minor stomach problems after the first evening when you prayed for healihg for the three of us that were having significant stomach problems