Day One of VBS in Huejotzingo

VBS HeujoWe spent the weekend getting all of the supplies, handouts and crafts ready for the VBS. This included a walk into downtown Huejotzingo, where we are working, to go to the Saturday market. I absolutely love the outdoor markets I’ve been in all around the world–various African countries, Korea, Japan, etc. It is just plan fun to look at the variety of goods on sale and to bargain for purchases.

Today VBS in Huejo started. We actually had several kids come two hours early! Fortunately they live just across the street, so we could let them know to come back at noon. We were hanging a tarp over the courtyard where the kids would do some crafts and have their snacks. If the sun is out, the courtyard is very hot as there is no shade. And if it rains, as it did later in the day, the tarp provides protection. I had a metal ladder made that was delivered on Sunday, so we could get up onto the roof to hang the tarp. Everything worked out well.

We had 23 kids today, from age 4 to age 15. Everyone had a great time. Everyone learned the chosen verses. Abraham and Rachel put everything together rather than trying to buy a pre-made program. They’re doing the creation story. Lots of crafts, songs, skits and memory work.

The kids were all fully engaged in every aspect of what was going on. Most don’t get any Bible in their homes. Most don’t attend any church with any regularity. Most are “at risk” for various forms of abuse. So the love and attention they get here can be truly transforming.

Since I don’t speak Spanish, I’m the photographer, gopher and all-around handyman. I also talk with the students who are in Rachel’s English class.

We are trying to work out details that would allow a group (perhaps our youth) to come here from our church next year to help with VBS.

Rachel is our youngest daughter. She and her husband, Abraham, are parents to Judy and my only grandchild. So it has been an absolute delight to get to spend some quality time as a grandpa as well.

Appreciate your prayers that all will continue to go well. So far I’ve stayed fairly healthy–bit of stomach problems, but not as bad as has happened in the past. Also I’ve had a bit of a problem sleeping two of the nights since I arrived. There was a very loud party going on across the street one night until well after 1 a.m. Fireworks, a live brass band, etc.