Day 3 of VBS

VBS Day 3Our third day of VBS is over. We are staying around the low 20’s in attendance, which is pretty good for the neighborhood. The kids are really into the stories and memory verses. Each day they learn a new verse and they go over the ones from prior days. They are asked to share the verses and stories with their parents at home.

The days have been quite pleasant. Glad to have the tarp over the courtyard, though, or it would be too hot. This evening it rained quite hard and the tarp pole collapsed. Will have to refasten it tomorrow morning before the kids arrive. About 6 of them come at least 1/2 hour early every day, sometimes even earlier. There is a lot of work for them to do at home, but not a lot of play time, so they are delighted to be with us.

Please keep us in prayer as we go into the home stretch.