Romania November 11

Romania Nov 11Pastor Paul and I are on this trip together. He is from Romania and knows those we are ministering to. So on Sunday, combined we touched 5 congregations.

Monday turned out to be a great day. We had a very attentive group of pastors who listened and asked quite insightful questions. I was teaching on the nature of God. If you don’t know who God is, you really can’t get anything else correct. After the morning session several pastors commented that what I had taught would transform how they did ministry. The young pastor with whom we had lunch, pastors the largest evangelical church in Zalau. He, his wife and their 4 young children joined us for lunch. along with two other pastors. He is keen to be able to minister to his congregation in a loving and effective manner. He has asked so many questions. He wants to be able to pray with us on Tuesday.

When we finished up around 9 p.m. we were invited to eat at the house of the most senior pastor in the group. He was pastor of the church where the young pastor mentioned above replaced him when he retired. He is a very interesting man. It was lovely to be in his home with his wife and have further opportunity to discuss various important matters. Before we could leave, he and his wife asked me to pray blessing on their home. It was a very touching experience. He is such a humble man. However, you can imagine, perhaps, the situation the younger pastor faces as he tries to minister in the shadow of the older man. This does bring challenges.

I did get a good night of sleep last night. We didn’t get to the hotel until almost 11:30, so I didn’t get opportunity to make a posting. The pastors had asked for a change in what I was going to teach today, so I needed to go over the material that I wasn’t planning to use at this church. It will be O.K. I’m here to serve them in any way they need and to discuss topics of most interest and need to them.

Thanks for your prayers.