Romania November 14

Romania-Nov-141 rsAnother great day in Romania. The training on praying using the Bible was very well received. One problem is that I teach one group in the morning, starting on a particular topic. The same group is there in the evening, but there are about an equal number who weren’t there for the morning session due to work, etc. So I have to do an adequate summary for the new participants without boring the ones who were there in the morning. It has worked these past two days.

I’ve determined I cannot teach the next section on praying with the Scriptures–lecito divina, as planned. Doing it through a translator and in the current setting would not work. So I’ll use other material that I have. Too bad, as it would have been of help. Perhaps we can have a retreat sometime and do it in that setting and I can work with some of the Romanian pastors in advance to have them prepared to help when needed.

It is getting close to midnight, so I’d best end this in order to get some sleep.

I so appreciate your prayers. They make a great difference.