Healing in Romania

Lucian-Translating rsLucian was my translator during my teaching sessions in Simlau. He did an incredible job–wasne of the best.

On Wednesday afternoon the entire congregation had gathered around one of the older men of the church who had asked for prayer for healing. Prior to our prayers, Lucian had commented to me that his back was hurting him from standing so long during our sessions. I taught for 3 hours in the morning and 2 1/2 in the evening. He had hurt his back as a boy and has been in some degree of pain ever since. He is a tiler, so he lays floor tile all day long in his job. This does not help with his level of pain.

While everyone was praying for the older man, I was standing next to Lucian and placed my hand in the small of his back and was also praying for him. He understood what was going on. This reminds me of a similar situation recently in Fiji after I had taught on soaking prayer. The “class” was praying for a man who had been sick for some time. I had my hand on the back of a former rugby player who was older now and had constant back pain. God healed the man we had been praying for, but he also healed three others in the room including the man for whom I had been intentionally praying.

When we finished our prayers in Simlau, Lucian thanked me for praying for him and said his pain was gone, but he didn’t want to claim to be healed at that point. Last night, Friday evening, at the break in training, Lucian said, “Well, I wanted to test what God did Weds., so I began to chop up fire wood, chopping very large stumps into fire wood. I had no pain at all and am pain free now. I said, “Well, God is good that way.” I encouraged him to continue to pray about and thank God for what he had done for him.

It is so much fun to participate in Kingdom stuff. Thanks for your prayers. When you are praying you are as much involved in what the Lord does as we who are here are involved. In fact, we could not do what we do without your participation in prayer.