Romania November 17

Preaching-in-Romania rsI preached in three churches today, three different sermons based on three different needs. A very full day. Paul preached twice. So between us, five sermons today. We drove about 2 hours between lunch after the morning services, to the town where we preached tonight. Paul has known the pastor of this church for several years. His congregation helped this man complete his doctorate. His church is thriving and they have recently expanded their auditorium to accommodate more people.

We are in the highlands of Romania at the base of some of the Capathian Mountains. It was supposed to be raining and snowing, which would have made it impossible for us to come. But God has given us incredible weather. I did not have my coat on most of the day as we drove here.

Paul brought a VBS team over last year to assist this congregation in their outreach to children, many of whom are gypsies. They had over 300 kids involved.

I have been asked to return to Romania next fall to teach in a seminary, helping about 125 pastors understand more about prayer. Will be in prayer about that.

I so appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow we drive 8 hours to Timosoara to meet with pastors there and arrange for possible future ministry.