13th Fiji Report the Second Day of Camp

Bridge Jump
Many of these kids don’t live near a river, so this is a special treat. And an accommodating bridge.
Day two of our friendship youth camp has just ended, although there is still an incredible amount of chatter and singing going on at 11 p.m. Last night the students were up until about midnight. They are having such a great time together. The worship was incredible. Remarkable singing, deep expression of passion for Jesus. Tears of joy.

I spoke on who these young people are in Christ—why they exist. It was remarkable to watch them tracking as I presented the simple message of the love Jesus has for each of them. How God selects the small things and the seemingly unimportant things and glorifies them to His purpose. There are no insignificant people among His kids. All have a redemptive purpose in His extravagant, excessive love.

Afterwards I heard some moving stories concerning some of those to whom I spoke—like the young man who does not even know who his father is because his mother didn’t even really know. The shame that comes from that in a status conscious society and the significance that he has a real, true Father who loves him for who he is. No one is a mistake. Some of the youth are beginning to respond and tell me about themselves, etc. This is most encouraging in terms of our purpose to establish relationships and friendships among leaders from each village.

The directors of the camp have decided to provide more opportunity for me to speak to the campers and present the message of the nature and character of God that I have been introducing. They are hungry to hear of their Father’s great love.

Pray for my ability to continue to connect with them and to adequately portray Jesus as well as teach about Him and implant new understanding in their hearts and minds.

Thanks and Blessings!