14th Fiji Report The Third Day of Camp

Day 3 campIt has been another fantastic day of camp. One of our intercessors wrote me an email that I got early this morning indicating the Holy Spirit had really showed up during her morning prayer time and indicated God would act in a mighty way among the youth today. He certainly did. The two morning teaching sessions were powerful and very well received. We covered some very difficult material regarding the nature and character of God, but everyone was tracking.

Then the youth had a great time in their activities, practicing their group dances, swimming, generally getting to know each other and interacting with the leadership team at some deep levels.
The speaker tonight is the pastor of Cuvu Atama’s church. Cuvu is our camp director. The pastor mostly gave his personal testimony, which was amazing and then challenged the young people to respond to God’s call and purposes in their lives. There was a very moving and powerful response.

I will teach twice more tomorrow, finishing up on the character and nature of God and moving into the purpose of prayer.

Thanks for praying for this camp. I let the kids know this morning that you were praying and they were delighted beyond words that so many folks would be holding them up before Father God.

Thanks and Blessings!