17th Fiji Post–the Final Day of the Friendship Camp

It is Saturday evening and the first annual Fiji Friendship Camp is in the books. I don’t think many of the campers or the staff got much sleep last night. I finally settled down around 2 a.m. but or co-director’s wife was awake all night. What wonderful servants she and her husband were. Without them, we could not have held the camp. We should all sleep well this evening.

We were up around 6:15 a.m. to spruce up the school grounds, leaving them in better shape than we found them. The youth did a spectacular job. Then bucket showers before breakfast, where farewell tears were already beginning to trickle down some cheeks—and not only of the young ladies. Lots of us taking photos of groups of new friends.

Then, though it was a lot like herding cats, we got everyone into their official camp tee-shirts and assembled for the official camp photo. More spontaneous photo ops for friendship groupings, then into the meeting room to sing while I put the finishing touches on a PowerPoint presentation I assembled of the activities of the week. That was a phenomenal hit. I believe I got every person into at least two or three shots.

I also asked the group to sing me an unaccompanied hymn or song. Their voices are truly lovely, much more so in my opinion than when they sing with drums, keyboard, bass guitar, etc. I gave out a few more Bibles, then spoke very briefly about the woman with the issue of blood. You can never take Jesus by surprise and you can always come to Him even with the most hidden thing affecting you and He will personally respond with love and healing, never allowing you to go away in hidden shame.

Then the selected camp spokesperson officially thanked me on behalf of all the campers for the week of teaching. I was really touched and moved by the comments as well as by the many individuals who came up to me personally afterwards to say goodbye.

Cuvu, her one of her daughters and I drove back to Nadi where I am back at the Grand Melanesian Hotel. Monday the camp leaders will debrief the week and make plans for future Friendship Camps.

All of you who prayed were a vital part of affecting the lives of these young people who will be leading the church in the not too distant future. The youth were moved to know that so many of you cared about them even without knowing them personally.

Thanks and Blessings!