Last Feb/Mar 2015 Fiji Report

Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by very quickly at the end of my Fiji ministry planning trip. On Friday I went with Ratu Osea to look at a possible site for our August Youth Leadership Camp. Unfortunately the site does not have adequate facilities for cooking. In addition the person who helped coordinate our camp last year is not going to be available this year because of family responsibilities.

As a result, we will move the camp to Vanua Levu Island and Aisake Emmanuel, GIFT general secretary, will do the preliminary coordination and planning with local churches. This will actually work out better because Aisake and his wife are taking over responsibility for TUtP involvement with Community Bible Study International activities in Fiji. The Pacific coordinator for CBSI and his wife will be training students at our August camp, so having the camp in the Savusavu area where Aisake lives seems logical. In addition our August outreach will be on Vanua Levu. Keeping everything on one island makes logistics much more manageable.

Saturday Ratu Osea and I worked out the details of the new memorandum of understanding for our beekeeping projects in the Lomawai area. The beekeeper who will supervise the project came down from Lomawai to Nadi to meet with us. He was able to examine all of the beehives and give us a full report on their condition and on what we need to do to move the project forward. The hives are in remarkably good condition. The beekeeper will immediately extract honey from them and then split the hives that are ready for splitting. Only 18 bee boxes need to be replaced due to deterioration. We already have 6 new boxes on hand that were built for the project. We have sufficient timber to build the remaining 12 boxes. Eight need to be requeened. Our beekeeper is trained to do that and will begin that process after he extracts honey.

Sunday morning I went to church, had lunch, checked out of the hotel and went to the airport for my return flight to LAX. The Nadi airport is undergoing extensive remodeling. Is there any airport in the world where that is not happening? As a result, most of the lounge area was not air conditioned. I found the coolest spot I could and sat and read until my flight was called.

There was much more turbulence during this 9 ½ hour flight than I’ve ever experienced. Even the flight attendants commented on how unusually bumpy things were. A massive hurricane was due to hit the main Fiji islands on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve not heard what happened yet, but that may have accounted for some of what we experienced during our flight out of the area.

I believe I accomplished all my goals during this trip. It was interesting to see how the Lord orchestrated the many contacts I needed to make. Face-to-face meetings are essential to the Fijian culture and to our ministry. It was great to renew relationships with ministry partners I’ve worked with over these past 12 years.

Jetlag is. I didn’t sleep well the first night home, for whatever reason. Last night was much better. Appreciate your prayers as I settle back into responsibilities here at home.

Thanks and Blessings!