Day 1 of Camp–Afternoon & Evening–Prayer Request

9:30 on Monday evening, the first ½ day of camp. It has been an incredible day.

We began with lunch as folks continued to arrive. Then we introduced ourselves and talked about the purpose of the camp. Our first session was taught by our Campus Crusade counselor who has worked with us through so many of our medical and evangelical outreaches. He presented a very clear understand of what salvation involves, using the cube that depicts what Jesus has done on our behalf.

At the end, he gave an invitation and 8 campers made a decision for Christ. PTL!

The rector of the local Anglican Church, St. Edwards is attending. His entire family is participating. He was most impressed with Joe’s straightforward presentation. Then I presented my first teaching using Freedom in Christ material to talk about being set free from spiritual bondage. I talked about our new identity in Jesus, using the bookmark that sets forth a Biblical account of our being new creatures.

Father Penny asked if he could have a copy of the material. In fact several have asked if they can have the presentation so they can go over it again at their leisure. It is always marvelous to me to see the lights go on in the kids’eyes as they begin to comprehend these really simple, yet profound truths.

After our evening meal we watched Amish Grace, a wonderful movie that deals with forgiveness. I’ve seen it three times now, but it always moves me to tears. There were not many dry eyes among the youth.

We’ve sent them to their dorms for the night.

Most of today I felt about as sick as I’ve ever been in recent memory. I took my second dose of antibiotics. Folks here are praying for me, as are you. I can’t thank you enough. I haven’t eaten much since yesterday noon, mostly chicken broth and hot tea. I would not have been able to teach this evening as my voice was shot. By morning I expect to be much better.

Again, thanks and Blessings!