Fiji Camp Days 3 & 4

In CPR Training
In CPR Training
Last night the internet was acting up, so I couldn’t send out any report two days ago.

The 3rd day was interesting. I awoke with no voice. I could hardly speak above a whisper and when I tried to speak louder, I coughed. For the first time in my life because of stress induced asthma brought on by the pneumonia, I have a rescue inhaler which I have used a number of times already. Despite having said that, I feel better than I did the previous day. It is just a very slow recovery. This is the 4th day of antibiotics as I write this.

Joe, our Campus Crusade counselor did all the teaching yesterday morning and will have to continue today, as I can’t even whisper loud enough to be understood this morning. He taught the kids personal evangelism techniques primarily using the 4 Spiritual Laws with which most of us are familiar. Today the kids will go into Savusavu and do witnessing on the streets. I can’t wait to hear the results None of them have ever done anything like this in their lives. They seem to be looking forward to the opportunity.

Yesterday afternoon we had a team from a Calvary Chapel church in Downey come and put on a program. Aisake, General Secretary for GIFT (the Fijian doctor’s group I work with), was asked by a mutual missionary friend to help them find their way around the island. They came to Vanua Levu to visit the prison in Labasa. Due to unexpected restrictions, they were refused admittance. So Aisake asked if they could come to our camp instead. Each of the team introduced themselves and gave a personal testimony, some quite powerful. They then taught the kids CPR and other emergency response maneuvers.

Almost no one in the islands knows these basic techniques. Red Cross has a lock on teaching CPR and charges $50 per participant, which even the hospitals cannot afford. As a result many people in villages die who could be resuscitated. The kids loved it and it was a wonderful afternoon. The team also had Bibles, candy and prizes, which are always welcome.

They stayed for supper and when we finished the meal, in a very feeble voice, I told everyone about soaking prayer and asked if they would pray for me. They held me before the Lord for 12 minutes of prayer and worship. PTL!! What a blessing. Now they have another tool in their arsenal as well.

As the last event of the night our campers watched God is Not Dead. This is a wonderful movie, if you haven’t seen it, you might want to get the DVD.

God is on the move here and blessing. So appreciate your prayers. Keep praying for my full and swift recovery. This morning I am doing steam inhalation using local traditional herbs and leaves as an infusion. I will also most likely visit the doctor again to get an assessment of my progress.

I so depend upon your prayers. So many of you have indicated you are praying.

Thanks and Blessings!