Fiji Camp Final Day

Today, Thursday, is the last full day of camp. And what a day it has been. Our Campus Crusade counselor talked more with the kids about the meaning of discipleship and Godly living. He refreshed them with regard to the 4 Spiritual Laws and after lunch drove them to the hospital in town to witness. While I was getting a health checkup, they were busy guiding 9 people into a confession of faith in Jesus. You think they were happy? Yes. The kids, the new converts and those who instructed them in the process Oh, and did I mention the angels? They were rejoicing as well. Probably still are.

Tonight the campers will watch one last film, finish craft projects and begin saying their good-byes until they meet each other elsewhere.

We are already planning our next camp to be held next May when all of the churches on the island hold a twice yearly youth gathering. Those who are in charge of the program have been so impressed with what they saw during this camp that they have asked us to duplicate it on a very much larger scale.

To God be the glory.

My lungs are clear, though I am to finish my course of antibiotics. I’ve had a throat swab and will have a chest x-ray in the morning. hen will take two samples of sputum to the Labasa hospital for analysis when we head over there this coming Saturday. Pretty thorough. I have a different inhaler—one that contains steroid to help shrink inflammation. I still have bronchitis, but it is on the losing side of prayer and good treatment.

Just before sitting down to eat my chicken soup, I had my own personal sauna. This is a traditional Fijian treatment for breathing ailments. One takes a truly huge aluminum pot, fills it with select herbs, tree leaves, etc. and bakes it in the oven until it is absolutely boiling. This mixes in all the scents for maximum effect. The person being treated gets into a sulu—think cotton skirt. He sits down next to the pot which is in the center of the room on a mat. Then thick blankets are draped over person and pot. It is simply delightful. I love saunas, but hardly ever get to use them. This is the poor man’s version. I cooked for about ½ hour, breathing in all that marvelous infusion of steam. Throw back the covers, towel off vigorously and sit down to a hot cup of lemon-fresh ginger-honey tea and a bowl of chicken soup.

Appreciate you all Great blessings and thanks for your prayers and comments.