Saturday Rest

I thought last night that we would head for Labasa this afternoon to join the beekeeping team. However, as the morning wore on I realized I still needed the day to continue to recover. Did two sauna breathing treatments and generally rested. I did take about 1/2 hour walk along the beach in the late morning. This is such a beautiful area of Fiji.

I still had a bit of a struggle during the night with coughing though I am really much better than I was. Had to use the steroid inhaler twice, once during the night and once this afternoon when the wind was blowing so very strongly. Never thought I’d be indoors in Fiji during the sunshine with a scarf around my neck. But, as I say, I am getting better.

So the plan is to go to church in the morning and head to Labasa in the afternoon after I do a last inhalation treatment. I will stay with the beekeeping team until Weds. a.m. when I will take the ferry to the main island of Viti Levu.

Appreciate the continued prayers.