Sunday Travel

After church, we rested. Then we loaded up and headed out. Filled the vehicle with diesel and headed up into the mountains and over to the other side of the island. We were almost to the top of the pass when the car began to steam. The fan belt had broken. Never a dull moment.

We were still at least ½ hour away from our destination. Aisake drove to the side of the road immediately and turned off the engine. What he did not see is that he missed by only a very few inches, driving into holes bored into the side of the road to put in guard rails. When I opened my door, had I not looked down I would have fallen about 6 feet into a gaping hole around 3’ in diameter.

Within seconds another car going in our direction pulled over to offer assistance. Turns out the driver was a med tech from the Labasa hospital who knows a lot of the people we have been working with. We loaded my stuff and me into his car and off we went, leaving Aisake behind to arrange for repair of the car.

Monday and Tuesday, the beekeeping training will be here at Chuck’s farm. Couldn’t be more convenient. Prior training sessions were capped at 20 students. Not one has had less than 32 and one had over 40 as folks learn how good the training is. People are continually asking why anyone would come so far to train them for free. Carl gives his testimony and shares that what he is giving is his from God.

Chuck and Carl have a lot of ideas already for future training. We are building an immense amount of good will and credibility this time which will pay off for the Kingdom in the years to come.

Continue your prayers for the health of the entire team.