A Day of Fishing

We have been going full tilt since arriving in Fiji, so today we took a day off to fish.  This is a first for me, in all my trips here, I’ve never been fishing.  We went out in a small boat with a 60 HP motor and trolled along the river heading to the open ocean inside the reef.  Caught nothing,not even a nibble.

Went to the house of the chief in whose waters we would be fishing and snorkeling to greet him and give him the requisite gift.  Chuck has known the man for many years.  Ceremony complete we headed out to the inside of the reef.  Caught three fish over the course of the morning and afternoon, including a 20+ lb. wallou–a truly marvelous fish to eat.  I hooked a huge fish, but it bit through the line and took off with the lure and leader.  But I did land a 10+ lb. rock cod.

After lunch and some more trolling, we headed back to a beach where three of the team snorkeled among the coral.  All in all a wonderful, relaxing day.

I head to the airport at 7 a.m. to fly to Suva.  Already have a lunch appointment that day with the Permanent Secretary of Health and the Deputy Secretary for Social Services.  Both are doctors with GIFT, the group we do our medical work with here in Fiji.

I still have no voice, though I am much better each day.  Didn’t risk a swim today, though.  Didn’t want ot push it.

Thanks for your prayers.