Friday in Nadi

The beekeeping team, Aisake and Carl, returned by overnight ferry from Vanua Levu early this morning. They had about a 4 hour drive from the landing to where .

we are staying in Nadi. They arrived at the house about 10 a.m. Both were tired, so Carl took a 2 hour nap before he and I headed out for lunch and a 10 minute bus ride into Nadi town to do a bit of shopping. Carl had not been able to do any shopping due to our extremely full schedule.

After we got back from shopping around 4:30 p.m. Carl disappeared upstairs again. When I went to call him for our evening meal, he was once again sound asleep. We left him in bed. He will most likely sleep through the night.

Tomorrow we have to pick up a few more things from the Lomawai school as we head to the farm where we will inspect and extract honey from 10 beehives. This is the farm where we are temporarily storing the items we were unable to transport to Vanua Levu.

For all of us, our health is steadily improving. I still have 2 days of antibiotics.

Thanks for your interest and prayers. Keep praying that we finish well. Our return to the States in on Monday, Sept 14.