Saturday in Fiji 2017

Have just completed the 2 hour drive back to Savusavu from Labasa. Many thanks to Chuck and Sue McCay for hosting me during the week of outreach. They have a marvelous farm and family. Chuck is in charge of all TUtP bee training and assets in Fiji. Could not have a better person.

Back at Aisake’s house I took some pictures of Chuck inspecting the TUtP and Aisake’s hives. They are in good shape, but since they were just split, they need to be fed sugar syrup for a period of time to build their strength back up.

I also took pictures of the chicken run, fenced in garden and green house at Aisake’s. TUtP provided funds to fence the garden and yard, build the chicken run and buy the hens. Now they have about 75 mature birds laying eggs which they can sell. They could not raise any garden before because the neighbor’s cattle and goats would come in and eat whatever they planted. Now they have several mature banana trees, papaya trees, tomatoes, etc. which they can eat and sell. The greenhouse is full of tomato plants.

It’s great to see this family doing so well. Aisake is a key person not only for TUtP, but for Gideon’s and other ministries. He just needed help to be able to raise food for his family and for selling. They sell about two trays of eggs a day (60 eggs) which provides some income and gives them eggs to eat every day.

Yesterday we concluded our 2017 medical and beekeeping outreach in Lewaki Village. We served 165 individuals with some form of medical, dental or eye care. We distributed 96 pairs of reading glasses after eye exams. Our dentists extracted teeth from 45 folk. 48 people accepted Jesus as Savior and 18 recommitted themselves to active faith.

We trained 56 in beekeeping. The women’s group in the village will take responsibility for the project and TUtP will mentor them over the next 18 months at least, leaving our hives in the village for them to use and to split so they have their own hives by the end of the initial phase of the project.

On Monday we go over to Kioa Island to take fishing supplies over to help the folks recover from the hurricane they suffered over a year ago. We’ll spend the night. Then on Weds. I’ll fly over to Suva to meet with our partners there to discuss ministry opportunities and renew friendships.