Fiji 2013–The First Two Days

In the first two days we have already seen and treated 430 people. 94 have accepted Christ. Dr. Tom has done extractions for 110 individuals, many have been multiple extractions. In addition he has done oral inspections for an additional 249 primary students. We’ve given out 247 pairs of reading glasses. Dr. Joe has seen 112 patients.

Last night after we returned to the village where we are staying, one of the head men came and asked Dr. Joe if he could come and see his 81 year-old aunt who was having bad asthma. She had run out of her inhalers 2 weeks before and was getting worse each day. When Dr. Joe arrived, the woman was in very bad condition. He had located an inhaler and managed to give her a few puffs. This revived her somewhat. He began to talk to her about the Lord. She apparently had never become a Believer. As he talked with her, she indicated a willingness to accept Jesus. He led her in a prayer of acceptance. As she finished he asked her if she knew she would be with Jesus if she should die. She smiled and said “Yes.” That was the last word she said before her immediate death. They are held her memorial service in the village church a few minutes ago.

J.J., Jim Whitney’s grandson is a bit ill, so he has gone to bed early. Stomach problems again. The rest of us are still well, PTL!

As Jim was working at the High School in the shop, he discovered that the table saw, a commercial one, virtually brand new has a bad motor. Of course, though it has only been used about 2 months in the last 12 months, it is out of warranty. It is a Mikita, which is allegedly one of the best. This would leave Jim Whitney with nothing to do the last two days in terms of his goals. By God’s grace, I was working at the clinic and asked the headman if he knew a qualified electrician. He pointed down the patio to a man who had come to be seen by us. He agreed to go to the school immediately and inspect the motor. Seems the brushes may be bad. He promised to come over tomorrow and repair whatever needs to be repaired to get the saw working by Thursday. Again, PTL!

Mike and Alan finished the inspection of the hives in Emuri, Semo and Nabau. Though no one has been in the hives for the last 12 months, only 4 are totally dead. The live ones all have healthy queens, which is remarkable. We met with the village elders to come to a consensus as to what needs to be done. They agreed to allow all the hives to be harvested and then moved to the secondary school for rehabilitation over the next 6-12 months. During that time their beekeepers will receive more training at the school as they attend to their own hives. After the hives have been restored to full health, the villages that want them will have their hives restored to them. By concentrating the hives in the secondary school, where the equipment has been moved to, and where we will hopefully also have a commercial sewing machine, we will have a major training center for young people and adults. This will provide a strong base for our ongoing projects

Thanks for your prayers.