The Last Two Days of VBS & Illness

VBS Day 4I wanted to get out the final report on the last two days of VBS today. I spent 8 hours preparing the multimedia presentation Abraham and Rachel need for their wrap up tomorrow afternoon and for their church. For the last hour of that time I was getting sicker and sicker. My stomach was mildly upset at first, but progressed to full-on food poisoning. Haven’t been this sick in quite some time. Let’s just say I’ve been keeping both outputs very busy over the last hour or so. I’m beginning to feel somewhat stable after most everything I’ve eaten over the past couple of days has made dramatic exit from my body.

Would very much appreciate your prayers as I need to be well enough to travel on Tuesday. I do have antibiotics which my doctor prescribed for just such a possibility. I hope I can begin to take them in the morning. No use trying while I couldn’t keep them down.

Would like very much to be able to get some sleep tonight.

Thanks and Blessings!