VBS Overview

VBS FinalThe Huejotzingo neighborhood VBS was a very successful event. A total of 31 kids participated in the Bible studies, skits, Bible memorization, crafts and games. One of the things that amazed me is how enthusiastically these children, ages 4-15, participated in all that was going on. What Abraham and Rachel did with their leadership team reminded me in many ways of the sorts of more simple things we used to do at such events when I was a kid. Nothing high-tech or slick, just simple, straight forward games using a variety of things at hand. They had a lot of games that used car tires or hula hoops and balls. They made crafts using toilet paper tubes, etc. A lot of thought and effort on the part of the leaders went into preparation. Everything was very hands on. There was a lot of individual attention to and encouragement towards each child. Each kid responded well. Many of these kids are in at risk situations.

At the graduation ceremony on Sunday, a few parents showed up to watch their kids repeat their memory verses, recap the stories of creation, fall and redemption, receive a certificate of completion, and eat cake. This is a great way for Abraham and Rachel to gain greater acceptance in the local community. One of the families invited Abraham and Rachel over to their home for the evening meal. This is very encouraging to them.

One of the girls that attended most of the week and on Sunday is a pre-teen of 11 years. She began coming to their house with her sister almost 2 years ago. Now she attends every event she can. She is a member of the English class and studies diligently. She also enjoys the Tuesday craft nights, and she recently opened up about a very difficult situation that she experienced and continues to struggle with at home. She and her sister come every Sunday afternoon that they are allowed, and they learn the Bible stories that Abraham and Rachel teach. She lives with her mother and grandparents. Her father is in the States, but he left her mother and now has another family. Her story is very typical of what many of the youth Abraham and Rachel are reaching with the love of Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for being a vital part of the ministry of Teach Us to Pray.