Romania November 13

Romania-nov-13 rsThis was a very satisfying day. Both morning and evening sessions on praying in the Name of Jesus went well. There was a real connection with those who were involved. It is great to be able to look at the faces of those who are listening and know by their expressions that they understand and appreciate the significance of what they are hearing. To see tears in the eyes of some as the significance of some of the Names of Jesus impact their own situation.It is always interesting to work with a translator. I tend to speak rather faster sometimes than I should. I get so excited, sometimes, about what I’m talking about. The translator I have is excellent. He was pretty much by my side and keeping up, though he did ask me to slow down a bit so he could be sure the congregation could get everything.

Tomorrow we start on Praying the Text of Scripture–using the Bible as a source of prayer. Pastor Dan, my host pastor, was very pleased with what his people received today and is looking forward to tomorrow.

One problem is we do not have the entire evening group during the morning as many work, etc. It means I have to do a recap of about 3 hours of training in about the first 15 minutes of the evening session.

I slept well last night and appreciate your prayers for a good rest tonight. We have to start a bit earlier in the morning as we have about a 35 minute drive from where we are staying in Zalau. The roads have been very much improved since 2010. Makes it much easier and safer to travel back and forth.

Thanks and Blessings!