Bind Us Together, Lord

Preaching-in-Romania rsWell, it’s almost midnight and I’m back in Zalau, needing to pack before 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to head off to our next stop.

A very touching and significant thing happened this morning as we finished the a.m. teaching sessions. I had talked about beachheads in ministry, using illustrations from what our host pastor has been doing over the past few months in his church. This is a very conservative church–and I don ‘t just mean theologically. Things need to continue as they always have. Change is bad. But as the leadership caught on to what I was showing them, lights began to go on. When I called them to surround their pastor and his wife and pray for them, they began quite happily. Then I stopped them and briefly taught them what it meant to put a prayer shield around their pastor. Again, lights went on. They began to pour out their hearts and to confess opposition, etc. that was not always God honoring. Many tears, including the pastor and his wife. I would have to say that if that was the only good thing that happened on this entire trip, it would be worth it. Fortunately God has been doing many good things. PTL!! But that was a really moving moment. The pastor and his wife were very much affected by the visible outpouring of love.

It is so neat to be involved in such precious, priceless times. There was a spontaneous holding of hands afterward, as one of the leaders began to sing “Bind us together”.

The evening sessions went very well, as I spoke on forgiveness and addressed, in particular, the treatment of women in society and in the church. Ways in which they have become second class citizens whose gifts and talents cannot be used. Once more, lights seemed to be going on. That, of course, was only one of the many issues discussed.

Thanks for your prayers. We will have about a 5 hour drive in the morning to reach our next area of ministry. Must leave now to pack.