Fiji 2014: February 18

I am back in Fiji preparing for this year’s medical and evangelic outreach. The flight from LAX to Fiji was totally full. In fact it was actually overbooked and the airlines had to get two volunteers to remain behind an extra day. Though it was a full flight, I found the new plane much more comfortable than the old 747 they used to use. I don’t sleep on planes, so found reading and the in flight entertainment a peaceful diversion. Arrived in Nadi on time with no complications, the kind of flight I like. Had to wait almost two hours at the airport for my pickup. The paramount chief we work with is rarely on time. Well he is on “Fiji time” which meant we were at least two hours late to every meeting that had been set up.

At breakfast, I tripped over something on the floor in the dining room. I sprained my right wrist quite painfully. I was afraid I might have broken it, it was so painful. I broke that wrist many years ago in a fall, so know what it feels like. Prayed about it and though it remained quite tender throughout the day, and into the night, this morning, it is only slightly tender, so God was faithful to hear my prayers and resolve whatever damage was done.

Despite being behind schedule all day, we managed a good week of achievements accomplished during the first day. Everyone we needed to see was waiting for us, even though some of them were a bit put out with the chief for our tardiness. They have very polite ways of making this known, even though they can’t exactly tell him off. It is quite interesting to observe.

We have firm commitments for our August outreach. Clinics and evangelism will be August 11-15 in the Hindu schools in the area where we were last year. Great opportunities to bring people to Christ. This is the very last week of the school term, which just started. Then we will conduct a camp from August 18-22. We can anticipate over 200 children. We’ll do a day camp for the primary age students and a resident camp for the middle and high school children. Again, great chance for evangelism as well as string discipleship. Students from Azusa Pacific University will assist in the camp as well, possibly, as with the clinics.

I head to Suva by bus this afternoon to begin meetings with our friends and partners there. I was able to take the broken motor off the table saw at our bee box building workshop at the Lomawai center and hope to have it repaired while in Suva so it can be replaced and the saw working before I leave Fiji on the 1st. Also inspected the planer blades, but could not remove them due to too much rust. Might actually have to arrange for someone to come and service the machine to get it working. Slept quite well last night after being awake for almost 39 hours. I really enjoyed the shower in the hotel room. It is almost like a sauna outside this time of year here. Those of you who have been to Florida or Louisiana will know what I’m talking about.

So appreciate your prayers. Pray that I’ll be able to have as much success meeting with everyone in Suva before I head to Vanua Levu Island early next week.

Thanks and Blessings!