Fiji February 19, 2014

The five hour bus ride to Suva was very restful. I read most of the way. Actually received a phone call from my wife while we were on the road. Though it was a bit noisy, the connection did not drop—a marvel—and we had a nice, if somewhat disjointed, conversation. All remains O.K. on the home front. Continue to pray that things stay on even keel there. The enemy likes to bring all sorts of distractions.

I reached three of those I need to meet with and have arranged lunch with two of them in a couple of hours today. Then will meet the third person immediately afterwards. The students at Azusa Pacific University who will be coming on the August outreach need to do fundraising at their university. In fact they’ve already started. I’m arranging to buy a number of craft items here at wholesale cost through the network of an artisan friend here. She will show me some of what her folks can provide and I’ll place an order with her. The really neat thing is that she will get everything and have it for me when I return to Nadi next week after my trip to Savu Savu on Vanua Levu island. I can simply pick things up, load them into my suitcase and head home. This is a fantastic timesaver. Plus she will ensure we get the highest quality items.

I’ll know after my lunch meeting when I’ll head to Vanua Levu and whether I’ll be able to meet with everyone there I hope to connect with. That will determine when I leave next week, whether I take the ferry (13 hour trip), or fly, and whether I return to Suva or go straight to Nadi.

My wrist is almost pain free this morning. What an answer to all your prayers. Thank you so much for your partnership in this work.