Fiji Camp 2014

Fiji CampI fly out to Fiji tonight for our regular Teach Us to Pray medical, dental and evangelistic outreach. We will be working in three Hindu schools and their surrounding communities.

A week after the outreach is over, we will conduct a camp for 150 hand-picked youth from all over the main island. These are young people who have been identified as leaders within their village churches. It will be an intense week of leadership and discipleship training as well as a time for these kids to get to know each other. Many of them rarely get out of their own villages and have never had the opportunity to be together with a large number of Christians their own age. I was influenced to become a missionary because of my experiences in camp as a young person. I know how much impact this type of activity can have in the lives of those who attend.

I appreciate your prayers that this will be a life transforming experience for these kids. Please continue to pray for my health as well.