Fiji August 7 2014

Yesterday morning was fairly light as Paramount Chief Ratu Osea was delayed in meetings until in the afternoon when he joined me at the hotel. Then we met for most of the afternoon and had our evening meal together. He went off to yet another meeting and I took a cab to the airport to meet our dentist, Dr. Tom Boone. His plane was to arrive around 9:05 p.m. Turned out that they actually arrived about 20 minutes early, so he came out through customs almost immediately after I got there. We took the cab back to the hotel and I got him settled into his room. Then we met with Ratu Osea until almost 11 p.m. You may rightly gather that Ratu does not pay much attention to the clock. In fact, he once said to me and my team, “You have a watch, but we have the time”, which indicates one world view difference between much 2/3 world cultures and our own Western culture. We had some great discussions as Ratu brought Tom up to date on several important things going on the Fiji. We enjoyed the time together, though it did mean that I did not get to write my second Fiji report until this morning.

Ratu was late in part because he was meeting with the various village and school officials in whose schools and villages we will be working. Everything important that happens in Fiji happens because of face-to-face relationships built up over time. I so appreciate Ratu’s heart and his many contacts around the nation.

We’ll have quite a busy day. The team will meet for breakfast here at the hotel in about 10 minutes. Then we need to pack up, go into town and buy most of the remaining supplies for the medical outreach, hire a van and driver to take us to the village, and drive out this afternoon.

We were able to talk to Aisake Emmanuel, General Secretary for GIFT (the Fijian doctor’s group we partner with) and determine what we need to get for the doctors. So we should be in pretty good shape as regards all of our supplies by the time we settle into the village.

I’m eating a very good papaya as I type this. Hard not to get juice on the keys. One of the perks of the job.

So appreciate your continued prayers.