Fiji August 9, 2014

We are in the village. It has been a very loooong day. There was a bit of miscommunication regarding the shopping we needed to do to get the last supplies we needed. Eventually things were sorted out and I was able to get to all the shops needed to pick up all the food and pharmacy items required. Then a van and driver were engaged to move us and all our boxes, bags, trunks, etc. to our base for the outreach.

The driver asked for payment in full prior to leaving Nadi. Since we were at a gas station, that is not all that unusual. They require the money to purchase the fuel needed for the trip. The second he was paid, he got out of the van, which was loaded to the roof with our things. He walked to a van parked behind us and indicated he was not willing to take us to the village as he would have to travel off the main road and on a dirt road part of the way. He talked the van behind us into taking us, paid him and began to offload all our stuff into the new van. This is unheard of.
Still it did not delay us that long and frankly the van we moved into seemed like a nicer van than the one we had been in. When we arrived at the village, the driver said, “How much did you pay the other driver?” After the first driver negotiated the trade off, he told me he had paid the entire amount I’d given him to the new driver. He actually hadn’t. He totally cheated the second van driver and walked away with a nice profit for perhaps 15 minutes of effort. Nice shell game.

All the main village leaders were waiting for us to arrive so they could formally greet us. We took all our supplies into the house Tom and I will stay in, spread everything out so our hosts could see what was on hand and determine what, if anything else, would be needed before the Fiji medical team arrives late tomorrow afternoon. Sorted through things, asked some questions and wound up calling Cuvu to buy a few more needed things before she comes out tomorrow (Sunday).
All in all, a kind of interesting day!
Thanks for your praying.