Fiji August 10 2014

DSCN3831This morning Tom and I attended church in the village. The singing is incredible, as usual. I gave a few words of greeting from the TUtP board, my church and pastor, and my family. Then the rest of the service was conducted in Fijian. I knew the text of the sermon—the story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke so had a pretty good idea what the pastor was talking about. However I spent the sermon reading Scripture so I could also be worshipping.

After church we had a lovely lunch of fresh-caught fish, boiled tapioca root and spinach. Ratu Osea was in church with us but could not join us for lunch because the bridge across the river between the church and the house we are staying in is under repair. His car could not cross it and he could not get across in his wheelchair, since the surface of the bridge was largely missing. He’ll join us during tomorrow’s outreach.

Aisake (General Secretary of the Fijian medical group we work with) and the GIFT medical team finally arrived around 7 p.m. The eye and ear specialists were unable to come until tomorrow. Hopefully they will join us early in the afternoon. The four who came settled into where they will be sleeping and just finished their evening meal at 9:20 p.m. We discussed the two Hindu schools we will be ministering to tomorrow and they headed off to bed. Dr. Tom went to bed before they even arrived, as he is still getting used to our time shift.

Our schedule for tomorrow: Breakfast at 7 a.m. Leave for the first school at 8 a.m. Begin the clinics at 9 a.m. Second school at 1 p.m. Finish the clinics and return to our village around 5 p.m. Debrief and eat our evening meal around 7 p.m.

We so appreciate your prayers as we begin.

Thanks and Blessings!