Fiji Monday August 11, 2014

Welcome to NamataIt is Monday night, 9:15 p.m. and we have completed the first day of our medical outreach. We visited two Hindu primary schools and ministered to 79 students, the staff of both schools and folks from the surrounding communities. Students and staff expressed extreme gratitude for our visit. The head mistress of the first school told me that in the history of the school no one ever came like we did to help them. She was delighted that we would come. We were simply demonstrating the practical love of Jesus. This gives great credence to the Gospel and to the local churches.

Project heaven vanThe students began their day by reciting the Lord’s prayer together. But then they also sing a Hindu song to various Hindu deities. There is a need for discernment and truth.

We have not had water all day in the village where we are staying. Water was supposed to be pumped from the well into the village tank this afternoon. This has still not happened. Pray it will be so tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be at a larger school in Lomawai. We really appreciate your prayers.


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