Fiji August 12, 2014

More Eye ExamLast year when we were in the Wai District we ministered in the Fijian schools. We promised to come back this year and provide our services to the local Indian schools and communities. That we are doing what we said we would do is very significant in this society. We are lifting up the Name of Jesus as we show that we keep our word. Some of these schools have never had medical teams come to help their students.

On this second day of our outreach, we saw 197 individuals at Lomawai Primary School. This is the second largest Hindu school in the region. 190 students and staff had eye and ear exams. 168 had dental checks, with 11 extractions. We gave out 26 pairs of reading glasses, mostly to teachers and members of the community. Our counselor prayed for 103 people and 24 received Christ. It was a very busy day.

Lomawai Primary SchoolIt is amazing to observe how disciplined the students are as they go through our procedures. This is a real tribute to their teachers and to their parents. The staff of the school was totally cooperative, even though this was a final examination day. Students came in by class after they completed their tests.
Tomorrow we will visit a school that has around 400 students. It will be a real challenge to serve all those students and their teachers along with members of the community.
Pray that we all remain in excellent health and that our strength holds out. We so rely on your faithful prayers.