Fiji August 13, 2014

Today, August 12th, was a record breaking day for the staff of Project Heaven (Hearing and Vision Enhancement) who are part of our GIFT medical team.  Normally they might see 120 or so individuals on a very busy day.  Today they saw 322 for eye and ear exams.  They learned a few new techniques that they say they will use in the future when they need to see larger groups of people.  They gave out 20 pairs of reading glasses to teachers and members of the community.  Students usually do not need reading glasses.

Dr. Tom and I did 327 dental exams and Tom pulled teeth for 32 of those.

We saw a grand total of 351 people.

Our counselor prayed for 258 of whom 19 received Christ.  Praise the Lord!

This was a very busy day and all of us are quite tired.  We were working so fast that we didn’t discover we had not eaten dinner until we stopped and were packing up and found our uneaten lunch.

It was a very warm day, but we were able to set up in the school meeting center that is open on two ends and has a high tin roof.  The other two sides were classroom blocks, but they had louvered windows on inside and outside walls.  So we were mostly quite comfortable with the slight breeze that blew almost all day.  There is still a slight breeze as I sit on the veranda of the house we are staying.  I’m typing this report as our evening meal is being prepared.  By the smell, I think we will have fresh fish.

Thank you so very much for your ongoing prayers.  We can tell you are praying