9th Fiji Report August 2014

New BibleThis morning, the last day of this portion of my trip, our team served the people of Kabuna Village where we stayed during our outreach into the local Hindu schools.  We got an early start so we could end as close to noon as possible (actually ended around 12:45 due to 3 dental patients who came in at the very last moment).  69 people took the opportunity to come to the clinic.  We did 44 dental exams and extracted teeth from 31.  Ear and eye exams numbered 36.  We gave out 29 pairs of reading glasses.  There were 14 villagers who made a commitment to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Eye exam2Totals for the week:

955 individuals assisted in some way.
795 received dental exams.
107 had extractions (One person had 11 teeth removed, most of which were broken roots.)
864 had eye and ear exams.
132 pairs of reading glasses were given at no cost.
184 received Jesus as Lord, many of whom were Hindu or Muslim.

I consider this one for the books.  A number of records were set in terms of service.  Jesus was definitely presented in a powerful way by both word and deed.

Thanks to all of you who were praying.

I head to Suva tomorrow for meetings with a variety of ministry partners.  Then our youth camp begins one week from Monday.

Appreciate your continued prayers for ongoing health and stamina, for successful contacts with those I need to meet, and for an outstanding youth camp.  Lots of preparation is still ongoing for the camp.  I’ll meet with Ratu Osea’s daughter, Cuvu and her husband Gabe, in a few minutes to discuss what still needs to be accomplished over the next week.

I’ll take our dentist, Dr. Boone, to the airport in about ½ hour to catch his flight back to LAX.