12th Fiji Report

FijiCampIt is 10:45 p.m. Monday night and the sound of kids laughing and having a good time fills the night.

Our youth friendship and discipleship camp began with a kind of twist. Some of the buses had arrived with kids before Cuvu and I got to the Lomawai Secondary School where the camp is being held. Everyone was sitting around with their luggage and bedding waiting patiently for our arrival. When we got here we discovered that although the camp has been in the planning since February and the school was booked months ago, it was only this morning that anyone on campus was told by the authorities in charge that we were coming. As a result, no one was here with any keys to give us access to any of the buildings.

Around two hours after we arrived, one of the teachers who I know from past outreaches arrived, greatly apologetic to begin to open the various dorms, etc.

The kids and we took it all in stride. Everyone was soon settled in and we ate a very late lunch and the cooks began to prepare for the evening meal. We had a couple of hours of informal meetings with ice breakers as many of the campers don’t know each other. I was asked to give an impromptu greeting and actually began my teaching on Jesus, giving a description of His birth that identified His coming with people just like them. Then I talked briefly about how when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet after they had been arguing about personal greatness, that the Scripture says that He knew who he was and so took upon Himself the role of servant. When you know who you are in Jesus, you can take on whatever role He gives you. You don’t need pride of place.

Four of the youth gave very moving personal testimonies on the spur of the moment. Then the evening meal began about 30 minutes ago.

Tomorrow the teaching times begin in earnest. It’s an excited, good group of seemingly very mature young people. They want to see Jesus and that is who I want them to encounter.

Thanks for your prayers.