15th Fiji Report Day 4 Fiji Friendship Camp

fijibeach2On day 4 we had yet another outstanding day of camp. I taught the final two sessions in the morning on the character and nature of God—you only see and know God by seeing and knowing Jesus. Filter everything through Him. In Him you can see the very face of God. Lights went on. Some very good questions. They were intrigued as they thought about what it meant for Jesus to be fully and completely a person just like them who did all He did in the power of the Holy Spirit as He watched what His Father was doing, did only that, and constantly prayed and was in dialogue with God so that He only said what the Father was saying. Lots of questions about that. The implications of that for their personal lives and ministries sank in.

Then some free time to practice their dances for Friday night competition. Then to Natadola beach for a lovely swim in the ocean. Water a bit chilly, but all too wonderful. They buried themselves in sand, rolled in sand, frolicked in the water and had a fantastic time. his was my first time into the ocean on this trip and I loved it. This is a friendship and discipleship camp. These young men and women are forming friendship bonds that will last throughout their entire lives.

This a.m. I speak on the Lord’s prayer.

Thanks and Blessings!