16th Fiji Report Friendship Camp Day 5

volleyballFriday, the last full day of the first Fiji Friendship Camp, was the best day yet. In the morning session I spoke on the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. This teaching basically allowed me to tie together all of the various strains of thought I had been presenting on Jesus, the character and nature of God and who we are in Christ. I have had both leaders and students come up and express real appreciation for the new understandings they have gained over the week. Jesus was very present throughout the entire week.

During the afternoon there was a rousing session of volley ball. Then the youth practiced their dances for the highlight of the social activities, the evening dance competition. That program did not end until midnight. We had a bonfire, but it was so late by the time we had awarded the prizes (much coveted chocolates) that we did not gather in any formal way at the fire, but allowed students to go to the fire and meditate or sing as they might want before turning in.

They turned in around 2 a.m. However, I don’t think many of them actually slept.

Now it is morning cleanup and baths, a closing gathering and good-byes by around noon.

Thank you for being so much an integral part of this week through all of your many prayers and petitions to Our Father, which art in heaven.”