18th and Final Fiji Friendship Post

I want to thank all of you on the prayer team who prayed for this most recent trip to Fiji. Both the medical/evangelistic outreach and the First Fiji Friendship and Leadership Camp were very successful. I know this is the result of your prayers and support. God maintained my health and stamina throughout a sometimes grueling schedule. He also allowed a beautiful afternoon of reflection at a wonderful beach between the two events. Very refreshing.

The debrief with the camp leadership team was very fruitful as we assessed what went right and what can be improved next year. Everyone was encouraged by the feedback we have already received from the youth who attended. Here is a testimony from just one of those:

Dear Jesus,

I’m now a champion because now I know my identity and I’m so sure that I’ll have a great future. The campers just reminded me of who I’m supposed to be. It’s true that I miss them more than anything in this planet earth. Meeting all the members was like a huge happiness for me. I am so thankful a hundred times that Cuvu Navilomani Atama invited me and we represented the Nadroga, Navosa area of Fiji. Dr. Ken, thank you for the message and for sponsoring me with a scholarship so I could come. To all the people from Suva, I love you guys and thank you for the ride. God does provide because I was so worried about our transportation. My friends from Nadi town through to the Rakiraki area, but especially my pastor and his wife, yes thanks very much to this family because they really helped the camp come alive. I love all this people because I’ll never forget the friendship we made together. This friendship camp was so something else because every time I have to wipe my tears. Though it was a bit sad because all the others live so very far away, but I do wanna meet them again and that’s my prayer. Oh, sorry I missed out something…To all the members of the Atama family, thank you very much. It is my prayer to God that he will continue to provide for them and bless them.
My love,

Abby Roko

This is just one of the comments from those whose lives have been enriched from this time together learning about Jesus and Father God and experiencing Their love in and through each other.

I now have about 45 new Facebook friends, with more being added each day. The leaders in Fiji have a planned follow-up schedule to maintain contact with all who attended to continue t mentor them and to establish long-term relationships with and between them.

I arrived home last night about midnight. Didn’t have any sleep for about a 20-hour period because I had to be at Nadi airport at 2:30 a.m. for the 10 1/2 hour flight leaving at 5:50 a.m. We left about 45 minutes late. Anyway, made for a loooooong day. Did manage to get some sleep last night, though none on the plane, and am now unpacking and getting back into the traces here.

Once more, my most profound thanks for all you did to make this mission such a success. To God be the glory, great things He has done!