Request for Prayer

You already know how successful the most recent ministry in Fiji was–both the medical and evangelistic outreach and the camp. Thanks again for all your prayers and support. You made a difference in the lives of so many.

During the plane trip back to the States, I caught a cold, which with jet lag, laid me low for a bit. After recovering from that, I went to my primary care physician last week and then my cardiologist yesterday to review the results of a 14 day heart monitoring process that was completed the day I left for Fiji. The results were analyzed while I was away. Turns out I have sick sinus syndrome, meaning my heart does not regulate itself as it should. As a result I will go into the hospital on October 2nd to have a pacemaker implanted. The hour-long procedure is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. I will need to remain overnight for observation and should be released the next morning. This pacemaker will augment my natural heart beat, maintaining a proper pace. My left arm will be in a sling for three weeks after the procedure while the leads placed in the heart attach themselves properly. Then everything should be back to normal. This will add some adventure to going through airport security, which will hopefully not be too much of a problem.

Appreciate your prayers that all will go well. The main risk is infection at the site of the implant. On very rare occasions a lung can be nicked during insertion of the leads, causing lung collapse. Both these problems are rare, though the infection is not as rare as it should be, since proper hospital sterile procedures would eliminate it totally.

Thanks and Blessings!