The Band of Brothers: Influencers–Long Beach

Crowd from the front BestTeach Us to Pray serves an important leadership role in Band of Brothers, Influencers in Long Beach CA.  Ken and two other TUtP board members serve on the overall leadership team and comprise the prayer ministry team for this outreach to men.  Ken speaks periodically on prayer at BofB weekly gatherings, leads the opening hour of prayer, and prays with those who want prayer after each meeting is over.  He also helps develop and implement BofB prayer strategies around Long Beach.

The Influencers

The Influencers is an exciting new ministry to men that officially began in January of 2005. In 2001, our founder, Rocky Fleming, gathered a group of men, offering them this invitation: “I’m going on a journey to intimacy with Jesus Christ. Why don’t you come along?” The journey that these men went on together was one that saw them develop a nine-month process allowing each man to genuinely connect with God at the heart, through journaling and considering the timeless biblical truths about God, His character, and nature. The process helped these men not only make significant, life-changing breakthroughs in their understanding of whom God really is, but it also helped them become “self-feeders” in their relationship with Christ.

These men’s lives were changed and impacted so much that they encouraged Rocky to start a ministry that would offer this opportunity to thousands of other men hungry for more of God.

Since that time, this group has grown into involving hundreds of men who desire a deeper walk with Christ in:

    • Northwest Arkansas
    • Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Orange County, San Diego, and Sacramento, California
    • Munich, Germany
    • Cairo, Egypt

The Journey to the Inner Chamber, the book by Rocky Fleming relating his personal vision experience for ministering to men, has been translated into Arabic, is currently being translated into Spanish, and is being considered for translation into French, Swahili, and several other languages. Each of these ministry locations have their own personality and model, but the one thing we all have in common is our use of and commitment to going through the process that we know as “The Journey.”

The ministry began by ministering to men in the marketplace and has now spread to men’s ministries in various churches who are interested in helping their men grow in their intimacy and closeness to Christ.

The Mission of The Influencers:

To invite all of God’s men into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Vision of The Influencers:

To invite all men to go on the Influencers’ Journey.

We’re going on a journey to intimacy with Jesus Christ. Why don’t you come along?

Scope of Influencers West Ministry:

      • Weekly Band of Brothers morning meetings in Irvine, CA (Fridays), Fullerton, CA (Wednesdays), and Long Beach, CA (Thursdays)
      • Yearly men’s and couples retreats
      • Workshops
        • Journaling Workshop
        • Spiritual Leadership Workshop
      • Marriage classes
      • Speaking at men’s events, including retreats, breakfasts, evening dinners, BBQs, couples retreats and events
      • Mentoring, coaching and counseling
      • Consulting churches to help inspire, motivate and encourage them in their desire to intentionally and strategically minister to their men

The Journey

The Journey is our nine-month small group process designed to help men grow in their desire to become more intimate with Jesus Christ

        Meeting with interested church leaders

      • Overview sessions with their men clearly explaining the process
      • Training facilitators and guides who will lead the groups
      • Coaching, mentoring and encouraging the guides and men as they participate in the process
      • Guiding and encouraging church leaders in seeing second generation leaders and groups develop with other men in the church

Influencer’s West has three Southern California men’s meetings we call our Band of Brothers—one in Irvine, one in Fullerton, and one in Long Beach. We believe every Christian man has a desire to be in a group of men that share their values, goals and vision for what a man who has given his heart to Christ can and should be. Guys want and need relationships with other men, and we believe that a man cannot fully become the man God created him to be in a vacuum.The Scriptures teach us that there are no Lone Rangers in the body of Christ. We were created for fellowship and relationship, and we are the most healthy and balanced when we are around healthy, balanced men who are closely following Jesus Christ.

We gather each week to be inspired, encouraged, taught, and to worship. We also gather to be with the guys. Our Friday group in Irvine, which has been meeting since 1991, has an average attendance of about 240-250 men from over 100 different churches. Our Wednesday group in Fullerton, which has been meeting since 2005, has 65-75 men each week from over 25 different churches.

David Murrow in his insightful book, Why Men Hate Going To Church, calls these kinds of groups “Men’s Church.” This means we strategically, intentionally and unapologetically fashion our worship and messages to directly minister to men and their needs in our culture and world today. Our theme for last year and this year is: “The men of Issachar understood the times and knew what Israel should do, for such a time as this.” (I Chronicles 12:32, Esther 4:14)

Our focus is on helping men understand what it means to be a Man of God in this generation, for such a time as this.

We believe these things about men:

      • We see men not as they are, but as they will be when Jesus Christ is truly Lord of their life.
      • We see men who have the mind of Christ, who know their purpose in life, and who make all of their decisions with the gospel of Jesus Christ in full view.
      • We see spiritually hungry men who are eager to grow to become the Men of God they know God created them to be.
      • We see men who understand what it means to be a Man of God, and who are secure in that identity, knowing their adequacy comes from Him.
      • We see men who are not insecure or fearful to embrace their role as spiritual leaders with their wives, children and in their church.
      • We see men banding together to finish strong by helping each other reach the “well done good and faithful servant” finish line.
      • We see men who understand what it means to be free in the grace of Christ who are helping other men become free as well.
      • We see men who are focused, prepared, on their guard, and standing firm in the faith.
      • We see men who spend much time in the presence of Jesus Christ, and out of their intimate relationship with Him, exercise their God-given gifts and passions in the service of their local church.
      • We see men influencing their world for Christ because they have spent time with Him and have become like Him.

Jesus started the first ministry to men. He stepped into a world that was in as much chaos as ours is today. Everyone had a cause or a plan to make things right. The politicians tried to get him to join their party. He declined, making the obvious unspoken statement that while politics has its place, for what he came to do, politics was not the answer. The Zealots sought to get him to join their band and run the Romans out of Israel. That wasn’t his purpose for coming. They tried to persuade him to be their king. He told them that his kingdom was not of this world. He didn’t come to be their earthly king.

What was his plan? A band of brothers! He called a ragtag group of twelve men to follow him with the offer to make them fishers of men. He recruited them not based on their gifts or appearance; not based on their financial or social status; not even based on their religious training or position. He recruited them not based on their abilities, but on their availability to leave everything and follow him. They came from varied and different walks of life, and they came because they had gotten a taste of his love, grace, power and authority and they wanted more.

We invite and include men whether they are affiliated with a church or not, regardless of their ethnicity, age or any other factor. We are committed to meeting as men in the Spirit of Christ to build up and encourage each other as men born in this generation for such a time as this.