Day 3 of the Huejotzingo, Mexico, Teach Us to Pray VBS

We discovered early this morning that the schools were registering students today. That usually does not happen until August. There were long lines in front of the schools as parents and kids waited their turn to complete the process. Every student must register each year. These are the same kids who should be coming to our VBS. We didn’t know how that would affect attendance. We need not have been concerned. We had 38 kids, only 3 fewer than yesterday, and some of those who came were new.

It was another great day with a lot of fun games, food, memory verses and the story of Abraham being called to sacrifice Isaac. He was a man of great faith who obeyed God without question. The kids enjoyed the tale, as Rachel played the part of Rebecca talking about what Isaac had told her regarding what happened that day. He was tied down on the wood and his father raised a knife to take his life when suddenly God called out and stopped the process, providing a ram as an offering instead.

I’ve always wondered what Isaac thought about all that happened that day. Must have been quite traumatic. What conversations he and Abraham must have had in the weeks and months afterwards, until Isaac finally understood what was in his father’s mind at the time. Abraham knew God could raise Isaac from the dead, since God had promised it would be through Isaac that the promises would be fulfilled.

My grandson continues in perfect health, though he mentioned to his mom that he had seen something evil yesterday. We prayed with him this morning after his mother and father explained that if anything like that appears to him again, he has the ability to tell it to go away in the Name of Jesus. Another lesson in faith.

I’m beginning to assemble a PowerPoint presentation we will use during the graduation ceremony. Rachel and Abraham will also show it at Deos es Amor, the church they are affiliated with here in Mexico. Most of the volunteers that are coming each day are from that congregation, though there are two neighbors who are helping as well.

Appreciate your prayers for ongoing health and stamina as we go into the 4th day tomorrow.

Thanks and Blessings!