Fourth Fiji Report August 2015

Our morning started at 6:15 a.m. with breakfast. We are staying at a church guesthouse that is within the church compound. Everything is really quite nicely arranged. ur team is three to a room in four dorms. The rooms all have screens so we don’t need mosquito nets. Most mattresses are on the floor, according to Fijian custom, however they are quite firm and comfortable.

This morning we had about 70 folks at our church service. There were at least 25 children among them. Worship was quite enthusiastic and very moving. I spoke for about 25 minutes to a totally attentive and responsive congregation. The presence of the Lord was quite strong throughout our time together. As the young people took communion, each one came over to me for prayer and blessing. A few adults joined this group as well. That was a very moving experience.

Carl, our beekeeper left early this evening with the couple with whom he will stay for the next three weeks as he moves about and conducts several two-day training sessions. He and Chuck, the farmer and beekeeper with whom he will travel hit it off immediately. I know they will establish a strong friendship over the days they are together. We prayed for safe travel and health as they will be in a number of rural villages.

We will set up our medical and evangelistic clinic tomorrow morning before breakfast and see our first patients around 8:30 a.m.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.