No description can adequately describe it. This is at the mouth of the river on the ocean

Second Day of Dreketi Medical Outreach

Today we treated 66 patients:

53 had eye exams
23 had ear exams
28 received glasses
15 dental patients had extractions—several had multiple teeth removed
16 people requested prayer for various needs
4 people rededicated their lives to Christ
21 received Christ as Savior, 8 of whom were Hindu, 2 of whom were Muslim

So we have increased the population of the Kingdom and there is great joy in heaven today.

Our beekeepers have also completed their second day of training. The training is quite intense and exhausting, but everything is going well. We may see them briefly tomorrow as they are doing training not too far from our clinic.

I had a tight, persistent cough all day today. It was especially bad first thing in the morning. I think it is related to mold, fungus and dust. Also the anti-mosquito device in our room bothers me. We will not use it tonight and see if mosquitoes become a problem.

Thanks so much for your ongoing prayers and support.