Setting Up Camp Day 1

We did further camp shopping this a.m. for more food, kerosene and cooking gas. I also picked up the prescribed course of antibiotics which I have started to take for the pneumonia. I’ve heard from a number of you who are praying for my healing. So appreciate that. I must admit I am a bit tired this morning, but am gaining energy as we set things up for the camp.

Just got a very good report from the beekeeping trainers. Things are going extraordinarily well with the sessions. Folks are so appreciative that we would come and do training for them. Our trainer has opportunity to share his faith and reasons for being involved in this mission. God is on the move.

Hopefully we will continue to have a strong internet signal here so I can send you another report the end of the day regarding how things have begun. I am excited by the possibilities.

Thanks and Blessings!