No description can adequately describe it. This is at the mouth of the river on the ocean

Sunday Afternoon in Fijji

Today is Sunday, a day of worship and rest. We attended services at 9 a.m. and headed home for lunch and a peaceful day. After lunch while most of the team was taking a nap, I walked to a spot along the road where I should have been able to get a strong internet signal. For a period of time I had a strong signal, but could still not connect to the net. Then the signal failed entirely. It is early evening and I’m sitting in a car on a rise overlooking the ocean. Nice view, strong signal.

I had a doctor listen to my lungs this afternoon since I still have a cough. Much to my surprise, she determined that I may have pneumonia in the lower part of my right lung. Since we can’t do an x-ray there is no way to be certain. I have had a pneumonia shot within the past 2 years, but that is no guarantee. In any event the prescription is the same, one course of antibiotics and a check at the end to see that I am symptom free. The doctor was not concerned as the sound she heard was not very loud. Still I appreciate your prayers. I am actually feeling much better, hence my surprise at her finding. Will pick up the antibiotics in the morning while doing a bit more shopping for the camp.

Yesterday we visited the campsite to make last minute arrangements, including making sure the freezer was working. Then we drove into Savusavu to buy food for the first afternoon. Once we know how many campers actually come, we’ll buy more food for the rest of the week.

Also yesterday I learned one of the participants in teaching at the camp will not be able to come because of a mistake his booking agent made in his tickets. He has been emailing me copies of the material he was to present. I will use his notes to teach what he was to teach. In addition, I will be teaching more materials on the subject of prayer.

I thank you again for all of your prayers. You matter.