Fiji Camp Day 2

We had another great day of camp. The youth seem very enthusiastic as they learn about some of the basics of Christian belief. To many of them, what we are teaching is new. Our Campus Crusade counselor is a great teacher and is really concerned that the kids know what it means to be a believer. On Thursday he will get to active evangelism and outreach and on Friday, we will take them into town in pairs to witness to whoever they meet.

I continue to teach on the character and nature of God. So we are really saturating them in what they need understand to know who God is and who they are as a result of placing their faith in Him. Even some of the adults who have been listening in are grateful for the new insights they are gaining.

This morning during break, the campers went down on the beach below the camp to gather shells for a project they are doing. It was low tide and shells are everywhere. I was picking up a wide variety of very lovely shells and listening to the laughter of these kids as they played together and got to know each other better. What a joy. Developing lasting friendships among the campers is one of our goals.

I’m feeling much better, though I still have quite a cough and have to protect my voice as much as possible so I’m able to teach. Thanks for your prayers.