Friday Farewells at the Savusavu Camp

Friday morning the Savusavu Teach Us to Pray Youth Camp for August 2015 ended. The youth had a great breakfast, policed the dorms and grounds and met together one last time to discuss what they had learned over the week. Everyone expressed thanks for the time to be away from everyday responsibilities to spend and extended time thinking about Jesus. A few quickly finished projects as the remaining craft materials were distributed.

Then there were tears and farewells, with hopes to get back together next May 2016 at the mega-camp we are now planning.

Eight campers gave their lives to Jesus during the first evening. And the campers led another nine individuals to the Lord during their practice evangelism at the hospital.

I would call that a wonderful week.

How can I adequately thank you for all your prayers for this undertaking? Know that He knows and appreciates your efforts on behalf of all those who were at the camp. And He is very happy.

Thanks and Blessings!