Bee Keeper Training

Checking on the bees
Checking on the bees
Our beekeeping training began at 10 a.m. this morning (that’s 9 a.m. Fiji time). We had a local group from near Chuck’s farm where the training is taking place. I’ve known Chuck for many years. He’s the man who did the blueprints for the TUtP Women’s and Youth Center in Namadi. He chairs a number of local farm groups including the beekeeping group.

Carl, our beekeeper trainer, was sick yesterday. We prayed for him and by morning, he was totally well. PTL!! He does such an incredible job with a wide variety of people who have varied experience in beekeeping. He lectured for most of the morning and then got everyone into bee suits, and they got into an actual hive.

The hive selected was a wild-caught one taken from a church wall some time back. As a result the frames were not normal. This was a good opportunity for Carl to show everyone how you inspect a hive and correct things that need to be taken care of. Each student showed keen interest and asked great questions as the process went forward. You could see the new people settling down as they handled the bee frames and got into what was going on.

Then we had lunch and there was an additional lecture with lots of questions. In the class, we have a man who has established a bee business in Labasa, importing bee keeping materials from both China and Australia. He has a wide price and quality range, as a result, which allows him to meet the needs of the well-established people as well as those who are just beginning. He has invited us to dinner at his house tomorrow evening. This is a great contact.

So far we have trained over 200 individuals during this trip. There will be one more two-day class starting on Thursday. By then I’ll be in Suva.

My health is improving. I slept very well last night. However, I still have a chest cough and do not have a voice.

Appreciate your prayers.