If this is Monday, We Must be in Lomawai

This morning Aisake and Carl arrived in Suva by the overnight ferry from Savusavu. Carl says he loved the trip as he really enjoys boats. Unfortunately he apparently has the same cold or flu that I had and so is not feeling well.

Nonetheless, after breakfast in Suva we drove down to Lomawai, arriving around 1 p.m. Since we had eaten a fairly late breakfast, Carl and Aisake immediately put on their beesuits and got into the hives at the center. They completed the inspection of 10 out of 15 double hives.

Tomorrow morning we will drive to Emuri Village to inspect the hives there. Then we will return to Lomawai to inspect the last 5 hives and do a bit of training for any of the local beekeepers who want to observe the inspection. They can learn a lot by watching and asking questions. Then I will meet with the school principal and other local leaders to discuss the future of the project based on our observations of the hives.

No matter what we decide (leave the hives where they are or move them) we will do training for local beekeepers on Thursday when we extract honey from 10 hives on a local farm. Again, a great learning opportunity.

Appreciate your prayers for wisdom in this important decision. Also continue to pray that my health returns to normal. I still have an occasional cough, but not like before. My voice is mostly back, but still a bit weak. My UTI seems to be clearing with the Bactrim. PTL. However, I do notice that I am still more tired than normal.

Thanks and Blessings!